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About Us

Mujeres Unidas Sirviendo Activamente (MUSA)

Vision: Non-profit corporation with the charitable purpose of empowering women through assistance and services.

Mission: To empower, motivate, and encourage women in meaningful civic, educational, and cultural outreach activities in their communities.


Description: The main goal is to encourage women to seek personal development and to achieve greater participation in the welfare of themselves and their families. One of our objectives is to motivate women to identify their personal values and apply their skills to increase their involvement in their children's education, along with their professional and personal development. For example, "Despierta Mujer" is an annual conference that addresses issues of health, education, and social services.


Special Events:

  • Despierta Mujer Annual Conference

  • Monthly wellness workshops

  • Weekly book club

  • Community and civic engagement

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